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asleep in perfect blue buildings

beside the green apple sea

alice! likes making friends
7 May 1991
my name is alice! :D

i write, draw, paint, play guitar, sing, and give pretty good hugs ♥

i dabble in language. i adore speaking french, even though i don't know much.

i'm extremely open. ask me anything -- i'll answer it truthfully.

i love talking about music, books, travel, and art.

i'm a pacifist -- i don't like talking about 'the war', or any war.

i'm vegetarian, and love cooking and making chocolates.

i have a venus fly trap, jonathon, whom i love very much.

i believe in second chances and 11:11 wishes.

also, i am a colossal nerd.

[yes, there is an exclamation point in my name.]

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A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.
-- Thomas Mann

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